Strategies in the right direction that inspires building your future

We facilitate Doctors and Leaders with strategies to become a respected authority that inspires the future of Healthcare while having quality time for self and family

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Have you’ve ever:

 not known for being the authority in your speciality and receive inappropriate referrals?

 Learn tools and strategies for teambuilding?

⫸ think of a great innovation for the practice or hospital but need a proper plan & business case to convince others? 

 Feeling out of control, not satisfied with your career and craving time for yourself?

 want to better manage time and prioritising goals with the massive current workload?


How Direct In-Focus Consultancy can help you right now

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High-Performing Team

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Focus like an Athlete

Work smarter, not harder, focus on the right priorities with effective productivity strategies to achieve goals and have more quality time for self


"Jorien is incredible in the way she looks at a problem and helps me to delve into it and work out a good solution.

She has also helped me to work on areas of weakness so that I am more happy and in control in my work and more present when I am with my family.

I have developed skills to make me a more effective doctor, businessperson and father."
F. Tudor
Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon

"Jorien has a broad range of expertise and help you restructure and improve just about any aspect of your life; work, family, difficult relationships, business planning, high performance coaching and mental health.

She is confrontingly honest, well read and highly intelligent which allows her to make very refreshing insights into how you are approaching life. "
A. Porter
Specialist Plastic Surgeon

"Jorien helped me with understanding my personal values and translating them into business values, and what I want to achieve for the clinic.

For the team it's clear what we accept and not.

With every opportunity that comes along it's a no brainer to make a quick big decisions"

Dr. D. Chanisheff
Director, GP @ Green Square Health
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Dr. Tellis
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Dr. Chanisheff