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Become a leading authority and create destination medical practice where patients and team members line up.

Are You Ready to Maximise Medical Practice Growth?

Are you frustrated about not maximising growth in your Medical Practice?

Do you feel like you’re not have the authority position where you don’t help enough your ideal patients? 

Because you don’t get enough ‘right referrals’ from GP’s or through Hospital? 

And you have to beg constantly for new junior Doctors? 

And you don’t know where to focus to change this? Or what the best strategy is for practice growth?

What would you do with more focus and mental energy?

As a Doctor, you want to be known as a respected leading authority, who maximises impact on growth within your current practice, hospital, or start a new practice.

We have provided Doctors with the right High-Performing Leadership strategies, Medical Practice Business Plan and tools to stand out and become that unique authority with a destination practice. Which leads to practice growth. This starts with you:

⫸ Discover your legacy, your unique authentic traits and the most important benefits to work with you as a Doctor;

⫸ Walk the talk by implementing and translating your unique profile into the right Medical Practice Business Plan for growth and performance strategies for your practice;

⫸ Work smarter, not harder, be more efficient with intelligent time management strategies, and enjoy time for yourself without the stress.

If you want to become an authority Doctor that patients and junior Doctors are looking for, and without significantly feeling out of control, massive time and energy sacrifices. This is where Direct In-Focus Consultancy can help! 

How Direct In-Focus can help you right now

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"Jorien helped me with understanding my personal values
and translating them into business values
and what I want to achieve for the clinic.

And for the team: it's clear what we accept and not"
Dr. Daniel Chanisheff
Director & GP @Green Square Health
My life was hectic, and I was trying to balance too many things and I was dissatisfied with all aspects of my life. The dissatisfaction with career and family life, no time and lots of stress.

I am able to analyse problems more clearly and develop solutions.
I have more control over my life and have a clear path and goals to continue improving work and my work-life balance.

Jorien is incredible in the way she looks at a problem and helps me to delve into it and work out a good solution. She has also helped me to work on areas of weakness so that I am more happy and in control in my work and more present when I am with my family.

The time I have spent with her has been unbelievably helpful and I am developing skills to make me a
more effective doctor, businessperson and father.
Francois Tudor
Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon
Jorien (pronounced Yorin), is a pretty amazing lady
I've gotten to know over the last year.
She comes from a high level corporate background
in the Netherlands and an elite sport, competing at a high level in Judo.

I've been to one of her time management sessions
and trained with her in the gym and can vouch for her skills!

She builds corporate athletes - who doesn't want that?
Dr. Nick Tellis
Owner & GP
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Dr. Nick Tellis
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Dr. Daniel Chanisheff
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