About Me


I’m Jorien

A Dutch name pronounced as ‘Yorin’.

I bring 20 years of experience in Leadership, Healthcare Business Development and Entrepreneur skills together in my role as a High- Performance Coach, Leadership Consultant & Facilitator into tailored programs.

With many qualifications in the Corporate field, from Marketing, Prince2 Projectmanagement, High Performance Coaching including a BBA. Additionally, I posses cross industry experience as a former (interim-) manager, I have worked at big corporates like: The Dutch Railways (Public Transport with 30.000 employees) as a Regional Manager taking care of 27 trainstations and 1mln in budget, ABN AMRO (Bank & Insurance) and several roles within the Health Care.

My last 5 years in the Netherlands I spent my career as head of Facilities taking care of 60 employees and as a Marketer of Innovation developed & implemented new concepts for the Aged Care Industry. Ultimately resulting in the following new services as:

  • A service to offer 24/7 complex nursing care at home,
  • A partnership for home care services,
  • Real estate concepts that allowed the elderly to live independently.

Apart from my Corporate experience, I’ve also trained as an elite athlete in the past—I competed at the Judo Dutch Championship in 1997. Hence, this journey taught me the ‘Athlete Mindset’, which has allowed me to laserfocus achieving many of my own career & life goals and overcoming obstacles faster.

Beside spending a lot of hours at work, you will find me powerlifting in the gym, playing squash competition , reading books about human behaviour, mindset and performance. 
And practicing on how to pronounce ‘individual’.

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