Providing High-Performance Plans for Doctors & Healthcare professionals

Discover the Simple Steps how we create your High-Performance Strategy Plan 

1. High-Performance plan

During our initial High- Performance Strategy Session, we’ll get on a Zoomcall and discuss your current situation in your career, your goals and challenges.

We discuss the 7 pillars of becoming a leading authority in your career and/ or for your medical practice.

2. Create Your Strategy

After understanding your situation, ambitions and challenges we’ll recommend a way to move forward.

There are 3 ways to work with us:

1. Direct In-Focus 
Premium VIP 1:1 coaching program for Doctors.
2. The Authority Program
Grow your private practice with the right Business Blueprint.
3. The Athlete Blueprint
Health & Wellbeing skills program for Doctors & Healthcare professionals.


3. In the right direction

Using the High-Performance Plan, we’ll facilitate you implement strategies and skills to the people you want to work with. You’ll be known, liked, and trusted as an authority in your area.

The Authority Program

Business Blueprint for Doctors

Become a respected leading authority, who works smarter, and grows their private practice or career. 
This 7-step program aims to facilitate Doctors to establish a unique leadership profile in their specialty so they stand out, attract their dream patients without the fear of criticism.

> Authority- or Businessplan
> monthly 4-hours of 1:1 consulting to work out the right strategies and tools for executing your business plan.
> monthly 1-hour individual Coaching.

The 7 Steps

Discover your why, your unique traits, your style as an authority to design your personal legacy and impact you want to create as an authority leading Doctor.

An audit to screen your current career and or practice performance: opportunities related to your legacy, target audience, market positioning, leadership and teamperformance.

Get laserfocus on your ideal clients, built out your unique positioning in the market and implement strategies for practice growth.

Learn how to influence others positively to create win-win outcomes.

Discover the right strategies to deal with unmotivated and challenging people to enfoster collaboration and mutual respect

Time management techniques, understand your high-level & low-level priorities to create efficiencies to work smarter, not harder.

Master your conflict between your career and personal responsibilities

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The Athlete Blueprint

Health & Wellbeingprogram for Doctors & Healthcare professionals

The Athlete Blueprint is a 5-step program to facilitate Healthcare professionals establish a personal wellbeing foundation to keep thriving and avoid burning out.  
Become the CEO of your body & mind and elevate your energy, look good, feel confident and
have more life in your work-life balance.

> monthly 1-hour individual Coaching.
> 5 x 2 hour Masterclasses on Zoom

August to December
January to May

The 5 Steps

Create your version as an Athlete with wellbeing goals and habits to stay disciplined and fulfilled with everyday actions.

Understand what your body needs in terms of sleep, nutrition, exercise to create more energy and feel stronger.

Learn the mental tools so you can cope better with stress, anxiety, pressure and avoid burn out.

Build sustainable habits to push yourself to the next level.

Understand your high-level priorities, become a present parent and/or partner and have time for yourself without feeling guilty.

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